CBD Drinks, Gummies and Edibles

As payment processing experts specializing in CBD merchant accounts and gateways, we can help you accept credit cards for your CBD consumables using your existing website. If you sell CBD drinks, gummies, edibles, or all of the above, then CBDgateways can help.

At CBDgateways, we facilitate and pair our clients with CBD-friendly merchant accounts, and can help you find the very best fit for your specific needs. We will connect you to the CBD payment processor best fits your CBD consumable business. If you’d like to know more about how we work with a wide range of CBD-merchant-account providers and can find a home for you, please contact us today. If you’re new to selling CBD drinks, gummies, and edibles, you can learn more about the payment processing side of your business below.

What are CBD drinks and consumables?

CBD drinks are beverages that contain CBD concentrates, or extracts. A CBD concentrate is an extraction of CBD, most commonly from the hemp plant of the cannabis Sativa plant family. Many CBD products, like edibles, gummies, or drinks, are based on CBD concentrates. CBD drinks, gummies, and edibles offer a simple and accessible way for customers to use CBD.

Necessary payment methods for CBD sales

All industries see challenges on the seller side that customers are blind to. For example, CBD drink sellers are responsible for providing customers with a smooth shopping experience from start to finish. Seamless transactions are a crucial part of that. Of course, sellers also have to make sure these transactions actually go through. This process is an essential part of running a successful CBD e-commerce business.

CBD merchants, in particular, face specific challenges when looking to find payment processors. Since CBD products come from the same plant as marijuana, financial institutions categorize CBD sellers as high-risk. When you run a high-risk business, many payment processing companies are either unable or unwilling to work with you and provide you with the services you need. Luckily, there are solutions out there that work.

At CBDgateways, we’ll find suitable high-risk-friendly payment processors for your CBD business that will benefit your company. Businesses that sell CBD drinks, edibles, gummies, or other consumable CBD products should always use a merchant service provider that specifically offers high-risk-friendly credit card processing.

How to reliably sell CBD drinks and consumables

When you sell CBD drinks, or other consumables like gummies or edibles, you’re selling high-risk products. This is why it’s crucial that CBD merchants use suitable payment processors that allow their business to run efficiently.

As a high-risk merchant, you’re likely to face more hurdles than more standard businesses when looking to accept payments. It’s simply a case of finding and using an appropriate merchant service provider.

The issue for CBD businesses is that most standard payment processors don’t specialize in dealing with routine challenges that high-risk businesses face. As a result, they either can’t or won’t provide you their services. Even if you get an account, they’re not able to provide you with an ideal service that fits you as a CBD merchant.

What to do as a high-risk business

Businesses considered to be high-risk should not rely on conventional payment aggregators, such as Stripe or PayPal. Although they’re very popular, and ideal for most businesses, their way of managing risk is practically incompatible with high-risk business needs. Even though they might allow you to sign up, their payment methods increase the potential for errors, rejections, and closed accounts when working with high-risk companies like CBD sellers.

Instead, it’s far safer and more reliable to work with high-risk payment processors for your CBD drink sales. This allows the payment process to run smoothly and customers’ transactions to be taken care of from start to finish. Specialized high-risk-friendly credit card processors enable CBD businesses to complete sales without worrying about excessive payment issues.

The payment gateway and merchant accounts you need

For CBD drinks, gummies, and edibles e-commerce sites, CBDgateways offers an exceptional service that makes your job simpler in an otherwise tough marketplace. CBDgateways provides your business with vetted merchant processing providers that meet your needs. The benefit of using a high-risk credit card processor for your e-commerce business cannot be overestimated. Instead of dealing with account closures and failed transactions, a specialized high-risk processing provider works to help you and your business.

Standard merchant payment processors often lead to extra challenges for CBD sellers because the processors aren’t equipped to handle the challenges high-risk businesses naturally face. CBDgateways offers CBD merchants like you the ability to choose payment processors that will allow you to rest assured that your business transactions are taken care of.

CBDgateways makes the process of using popular e-commerce carts and platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Wix simple when you sell CBD drinks, edibles, or gummies. Contact CBDgateways below to easily get paired with an ideal merchant service provider that will allow you to continue using the platform you love without losing credit card sales. CBDgateways ensures your payments are securely and efficiently processed, helping you to avoid unnecessary payment processing issues throughout the process.

Contact us today for simple, accessible CBD-friendly merchant accounts and payment gateways.