CBD with Legal Levels of Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC

As payment processing experts specializing in CBD merchant accounts and gateways, we can help you accept credit cards for CBD products containing legal levels of Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC.

If you sell CBD products with legal THC levels, then CBDgateways can help.

We pair our clients with CBD-friendly merchant accounts and can help you find the very best fit for your specific needs. We will connect you to the Delta 8 CBD payment processor that’s the best fit for you.

If you’d like to know more about how we work with a wide range of CBD-merchant-account providers and how can find a home for you, please contact us today.

If you’re new to selling CBD with legal levels of Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC, you can learn more about the payment processing side of your business below.

Payment challenges that Delta 8 CBD businesses face

Merchants who specifically sell CBD with legal levels of Delta 8 face challenges that other more standard e-commerce stores don’t.

CBD compounds with Delta 8 and 9 are associated with the rest of the cannabis Sativa plant and hemp market. As a result, federal and local restrictions and regulations apply, making sellers high-risk in the eyes of payment processors.

CBD merchants classify as high-risk in the payment processing world. This is why they have to find specialized processors in order to safely and reliably accept payments.

Critical to the success of any high-risk e-commerce site owner is knowing that you sell a high-risk product. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to seek out and find the specialized merchant account and payment gateway providers you need to safely process credit cards online.

High-risk payment methods for CBD with Delta 8 or 9

For legal CBD merchants, finding a payment processor is difficult if they’re unaware that they operate in a high-risk industry. Standard payment processors are not able to deal with the challenges CBD merchants experience on a regular basis. High-risk merchants experience a higher rate of chargebacks and face tighter regulations than other, more standard businesses.

One word of advice: as a CBD business owner you should not rely solely on Stripe or PayPal. Even though they’re great for the vast majority of businesses, the fact is that they’re what’s called payment aggregators. What this means is that the way they mitigate risk inherently makes them incompatible with high-risk businesses.

Instead, using a specialized high-risk merchant service provider allows CBD e-commerce sellers to safely and efficiently accept payments without worrying about payment problems. Specialized CBD-friendly credit card processing allows you to accept payments for CBD products with legal levels of Delta 8 or 9 with confidence.

Merchant accounts and gateways for legal CBD products with Delta 8 and 9 THC

CBDgateways offers something different than others who help CBD businesses accept payments. Where most simply offer their own merchant accounts or payment gateways directly, we work by pairing you with merchant service providers tailored to your needs.

The transaction process is crucial to any e-commerce business, and working with a specialized high-risk credit card processor helps you avoid frozen funds or closed accounts.

CBDgateways will take care of the entire process and makes sure your credit card payments work without a hitch.

We make the process of using popular e-commerce platforms and shopping carts, such as Wix, Shopify, and WooCommerce simple for your CBD products even if they contain legal levels of Delta 8 or 9 THC.

CBDgateways provides a simple way for you to avoid unnecessary complications with your credit card processing.

Contact us today for simple, accessible CBD-friendly merchant accounts and payment gateways.