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As payment processing experts specializing in CBD merchant accounts and payment gateways, we can help you accept credit cards for CBD flower using your existing website. If you sell CBD flower from the hemp plant, then CBDgateways is here to help.

At CBDgateways, we facilitate and pair our clients with CBD-friendly payment gateways and merchant accounts. We will help you find the very best fit for your specific needs. We will connect you to the CBD payment processor that is the best fit for your CBD flower business. If you’d like to know more about how we work with a wide range of CBD-merchant-account acquiring banks and can find a home for your products, please contact us today. If you’re new to selling CBD flowers online, you can learn more about the payment processing side of your business below.

Merchant account and CBD flower payment gateway challenges

All industries see challenges on the seller side that customers are blind to. For example, online CBD flower sellers want to ensure a smooth shopping experience for their customers. An important part of this puzzle is that these completed transactions actually go through and the business gets paid. This authentication process is an essential part of running a successful CBD e-commerce business.

The CBD industry sees unique challenges when it comes to credit card processing. This is because they’re categorized as high-risk businesses by credit card issuers and financial institutions. CBD flower merchants face barriers that more “standard” merchants simply do not.

Many merchant account and payment gateway providers are unwilling to work with CBD businesses because they are unable to address the common challenges high-risk businesses face.

However, there are partners you can work with that specialize in CBD credit card processing and can provide high-risk sellers with the help they need.

Why do CBD flower websites need specialized payment processing?

Finding an online payment processor specializing in this market is not always easy, even for legal CBD flower sellers. Most payment processors don’t specialize in dealing with high-risk merchants. This is especially true for the CBD market, because of the federal, state, and local laws and regulatory restrictions. Naturally, these restrictions combined with the increased risk of credit card chargebacks often make CBD merchants unwanted by standard payment processing platforms.

CBD flower merchants should not rely on “standard” payment processors or aggregators (such as PayPal and Stripe). Although efficient and safe for the vast majority of businesses, they can rarely help high-risk businesses, like CBD flower.

Instead, online CBD flower websites should always use specialized high-risk credit card processing. By using payment gateways and merchant accounts that specifically focus on high-risk processing, CBD businesses can safely and efficiently sell their products without worrying about frozen funds or excessive chargebacks.

CBD-friendly merchant accounts and gateways

At CBDgateways, we make sure that we set you up for reliable and efficient credit card processing for your CBD products. Our excellent method for pairing up high-risk merchants from the CBD flower industry with the best possible merchant accounts and payment gateways we can find ensures an ideal match. Payment processing is crucial to any business and finding a trustworthy solution helps and encourages companies to continue to grow.

More common payment processing solutions often lead to shut-down merchant accounts for businesses in the high-risk space, like CBD e-commerce.

CBDgateways provides businesses with a simple way to get CBD-friendly merchant accounts. We’ll find credit card processing that’s ideal for you that also specifically cater to the CBD market. At CBDgateways, we also take into account your entire business and transaction process, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business without worrying about payment processing and online transactions.

CBDgateways makes it simple to use popular e-commerce software, such as Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce for your CBD flower sales. We want it to be simple for you to accept payments for your CBD flowers, but we also want to give you the additional safety and reliability you need to ensure you don’t face problems along the way.

Contact us today for simple, accessible CBD-friendly merchant accounts and payment gateways.